Discovering the world of TotY: the award categories

Tractor of the Year identifies the crème de la crème of agricultural tractors in the European market. This year’s event is almost upon us, and we’re here today to give you some insights into the world of the award, describing the different categories tractors can compete in and the specific parameters used to evaluate them.

To best represent the market and the different types of vehicles, TotY is split in three main categories and the addition of Sustainable TOTY:

  • Tractor of the Year

This category is designed for open-field tractors. During the competition, the international jury scores each tractor’s performance in terms of Engine, Transmission, Electronics, Hydraulics, Cab Comfort, Innovative Technical Features, Options, Design and Connectivity/Precision Agriculture.

  • Best Utility

Multipurpose and utility tractors having engines with a maximum of four cylinders, more than 70 hp and a maximum operating weight of 8900 kg can apply for this award. They will be judged for their Engine, Transmission, Hydraulics, Comfort, Innovative Technical Features, Options, Design and Versatility.

  • Best of Specialized

The vehicles admitted to this category are orchard, vineyard, hill and mountain tractors. In this competition, the voting parameters are Engine, Transmission, Comfort, Agility and Design.

  • Sustainable TotY

All of the short-listed tractors of the three main categories also run for the Sustainable TOTY award. This is not an award to the “greenest” tractor but rather is an award for innovative solutions from a sustainability point of view.

The biggest challenge in modern agriculture is, in fact, how to optimize yields in a sustainable way, and tractors play an essential role in reaching this goal: they must be comfortable, safe, efficient and non-polluting. How? The value of sustainability cannot be disconnected from the concepts of Intelligence of Things, Internet of Things and Big Data analysis. It goes hand in hand with the development of new types of engines such as electric, hybrid and gas. In the end, innovation is key to sustainability.

So, what do you think? Which tractors will be the stars of this year’s Tractor of the Year contest?

Let the challenge begin!